Monday, November 22, 2010

Pushing some buttons

A recruitment holovid one of our pilots created more than a month ago came to the attention of a Scope reporter this week and he wrote a rather scathing article concerning it. I have a few impressions about the outcome.

First, my thoughts that The Scope is mouthpiece of the Gallente government seem to be confirmed once again. The reporting here, in addition to being shoddy in general, was clearly biased from the headline through the last paragraph. Their standards seem low and show no signs of improving.

Secondly, it is clear that our message struck a cord with some of the people who have seen it. Jake Lanks, the pilot who did most of the work on the vid, deserves a good deal of credit. He put together some compelling images and music that set off the importance of the message.

The vid has been a big hit with our members and the fact that the ardent Federation flag-wavers bemoan it so would indicate that its message is certainly pushing some buttons.

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