Friday, November 19, 2010

Patience, I tell myself. Patience.

I'm not sure why the Kapdans feel such an allegiance to the Gallente. Their system, sitting on the Federation's doorstep, is one of the worst-hit by pirates. Ostingelle's gates are legendary for their camps. I've even felt the sting, losing my first Hyperion as a rookie battleship pilot.

I don't know that I'll ever fully understand it, but regardless, Zheet Chandrark has proven true to his constituents and tabled the secession bill once more.

I'm told that because the hearings were closed I could be found criminal liable for disclosing what I said or heard during them. Suffice to say, the panel of "experts" on the matter was, in my opinion, hand-picked for their loyalty to the Federation. I'm surprised I even made the list, but I suppose a few token separatists and radicals had to be thrown in for authenticity.

There seems to be little hope of any further action during the current term, but there is still hope for the future. Chandrark has stated publicly that he is retiring after this session and returning to Kapda. Maybe his successor will be less heavy handed with the idea of secession and allow it to the full Assembly for an open debate.

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